Club 9 TP Vol 01

(W/A/CA) Makoto Kobayashi by MAKOTO KOBAYASHI She's cute. She's a barrel of fun. She's irrepressible. And...a bit of a klutz. She's Haruo Hattori, and now she's leaving her little country farm town, her boyfriend, and her loony family for college in the big city. Before she leaves, she makes a pledge that she'll remain true to her boyfriend, despite all the temptations a big city can throw at her, and the temptations pile up like cordwood when the need for a few yen to rub together nets her a job at Club 9, a hot hostess bar. The charming country girl lights a lot of fires in the hearts of the club patrons, and her short skirt is fanning the flames! How ya gonna keep 'em down on the farm once they been to Club 9? Collecting the story-arc from issues #13-19 of the Super Manga Blast! ongoing series. Club 9 is raucous slice-of-life, fish-out-of-water comedy as only What's Michael? creator Makoto Kobayashi can craft. On sale February 12 SC, 192pg, 6" x 9", b&w

Dark Horse
Makoto Kobayashi
Black & White

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