Savage Dragon Greatest Team-Ups TP

by Larsen, Busiek, Choi, Carlson , Chun, Bridges, Lee, Matsuda, Madureira, Sowd, Kesel, Bennett, Austin, & Jim Sinclair Join The Savage Dragon as he teams up with some of the greatest heroes in the Image Universe, brought to life by some of the greatest talent around. Joe (Battle Chasers) Madureira drew the epic team-up of Dragon and Vanguard in a story so beautiful, it landed Joe the X-Men assignment. Plus, The Dragon makes an uneasy ally of the Grifter (from creator Jim Lee); Kurt Busiek brings together the Dragon and CyberForce's Velocity, while Jeff Matsuda brings the great green one alongside Super-Patriot. Plus: Spawn, Freak Force, and Vanguard!


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