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(W) Francesco Artibani (A) Lorenzo Pastrovicchio, Claudio Sciarrone It's Disney's 100th anniversary - but what would Duckburg and Mouseton be like another 100 years from now? In an epic collection of all-new comics adventures, we're finding out! Life is like a cyber-hurricane! From giant robots to wild Martian rovers, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Pegleg Pete, and the Phantom Blot face futuristic thrills and chills in all-new comics epics - classic tales with a twist inspired by vintage cartoons, but taken in an unexpected, hi-tech direction! In 'Lonesome Ghosts in the Machine,' 'Thru the Metaverse,' and six more feature-length adventures set on earth, outer space, and cyberspace, fan-favorite writer Francesco Artibani ('Scrooge's Last Adventure') fronts an international creative team taking our Disney adventurers where no Mouse has gone before? in a lush variety of author-driven art styles! Francesco Artibani, born in Rome, Italy, has long worked for The Walt Disney Company Italia, where he has scripted many comics adventures for Scrooge McDuck, Mickey Mouse, Duck Avenger, and the bel

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