Adventure Comics HC Vol 06

(W) Paul S. Newman (A) Sam Glanzman, Various Classic Adventures returns to WWII with a series of remarkable accounts of some of the fiercest battles including, 'Raid on Regensburg.' 'Action in the Sunda Strait' where as part of an incredible series of victories in 1941 and 1942, the Japanese smash a combined American-British-Dutch-Australian fleet at the Battle of the Java Sea. The only allied surviving ships, U.S.S. Houston and H.M.A.S. Perth, attempt to fight their way southward toward Australia. A remarkable summary of the ferocious jungle combat between soldiers sworn to victory in 'Fighting Back in New Guinea'! The raging battle for Monte Cassino against unseen enemy troops retells the history of the bombing of the oldest monastery in Europe, the Abbey of Monte Cassino. And finally the thunder of a thousand bullets and bombs in the blazing 'Battle of Midway.' All featuring the stunning artwork of the great Sam Glanzman. Collects issues #6-10 (Oct/Dec 1952-Oct/Dec 1953).

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Sam Glanzman
Full Color
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