MMW Defenders HC Vol 08 DM Var Ed 321

(W) Ed Hannigan, More (A) Don Perlin, More (CA) Rich Buckler One of the most offbeat storylines of the '70s is completed: At last?the Omega Saga! Then, prepare for the return of the original Defenders! Hulk, Doctor Strange and Sub-Mariner journey to Tunnelworld, a secret realm ravaged by war. Led by the winged Aeroika, the trio prepares for battle against the Unnamable - but one of their own has already been compromised! Meanwhile, the ladies of the Defenders have things handled with Fem-Force and Mutant Force - until the Mandrill makes the scene! Nighthawk is in trouble with the FBI, while Patsy Walker's life is turned upside down by tragedy. Plus: Atlanteans have stolen Wakandan tech, and Black Panther is not going to put up with that! It's Namor vs. T'Challa in a battle royal! Collecting DEFENDERS (1972) #76-91 and TALES TO ASTONISH (1979) #13. Rated T

Ed Hannigan
Don Perlin
Rich Buckler
Full Color

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