MMW Defenders HC Vol 08

(W) Ed Hannigan, More (A) Don Perlin, More (CA) Rich Buckler One of the most offbeat storylines of the '70s is completed: At last?the Omega Saga! Then, prepare for the return of the original Defenders! Hulk, Doctor Strange and Sub-Mariner journey to Tunnelworld, a secret realm ravaged by war. Led by the winged Aeroika, the trio prepares for battle against the Unnamable - but one of their own has already been compromised! Meanwhile, the ladies of the Defenders have things handled with Fem-Force and Mutant Force - until the Mandrill makes the scene! Nighthawk is in trouble with the FBI, while Patsy Walker's life is turned upside down by tragedy. Plus: Atlanteans have stolen Wakandan tech, and Black Panther is not going to put up with that! It's Namor vs. T'Challa in a battle royal! Collecting DEFENDERS (1972) #76-91 and TALES TO ASTONISH (1979) #13. Rated T

Ed Hannigan
Don Perlin
Rich Buckler
Full Color

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