Glork Patrol HC Vol 02 Glork Patrol Takes A Bath

(W/A/CA) James Kochalka Guess who's back for even more wacky outer-space adventures? The Glorkian Warrior and his crew! It's a sticky, soapy, messy delight from the award-winning creator of Johnny Boo and Banana Fox! What a mess! It all started when Glorkian SuperGrandma told the Glork Patrol they could eat candy for breakfast? now their 'Dada,' the Glorkian Warrior, has a lot of cleaning up to do. Super Backpack gets a robot super-suit made of candy wrappers and takes Baby Gonk on the adventure of a lifetime, while Glorkian Warrior stays behind and tries to help the uncontrollable Baby Quackaboodle take a bath. Families come in all kinds? even in outer space. This kooky, colorful adventure will feel hilariously relatable and have kids giggling through story time and bath time alike!

James Kochalka
Full Color

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