My Little Pony Omnibus TP Vol 06

(W) Thom Zahler & Various (A) Tony Fleecs & Various (CA) Lanna Souvanny The adventures continue with all of your favorite Ponies. Enjoy more tales of friendship and fun ranging all over Equestria in this graphic novel omnibus! First, when asked to direct a film based on their friendship adventures, will the friends' memories turn out to be less than accurate? Then, things are getting a little crazier than normal in Ponyville! Pinkie Pie gains extraordinary powers after eating a magic apple, but will she use her new powers for good, or for fun? Meanwhile, the entire town is getting into the spooky spirit for Nightmare Night! Then, Rainbow Dash decides the elderly ponies of the retirement village could use some more excitement in their lives. So she invents EXTREME BINGO! Collects My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic issues #66-78.

Thom Zahler
Tony Fleecs
Lanna Souvanny
Full Color

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