Trinity Seven 7 Magicians GN Vol 18 (MR)

(W) Kenji Saito (A/CA) Akinari Nao Drawing on Lilith's and Lilim's power, Arata gains a new form! Meanwhile, Arin arrives at Dante's Gate and is confronted by Farfarello of The Twelve Demon Commanders! But her reliable teammates sweep in when Yui and Levi make an unexpected visit. With their assistive powers, they face off against this terrible foe! Then, in the Demon Lord castle, it's a transcendent battle between The Twelve Demon Commanders!! There are signs of darkness stirring in the depths, and the True Demon Lord finally ascends!? For readers ages 18 and up.

Yen Press
Kenji Saito
Akinari Nao
Akinari Nao
Black & White

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