X-Files Case Files TP Vol 01

(W) Delilah S Dawson & Various (A) Elena Casagrande, Silvia Califano (CA) Catherine Nodet For 25 years, FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully have been shining their flashlights into the shadows, searching for the truth. In The X-Files: Case Files, faithful fans will discover stories that explore X-Files of the past and present by top talent from comics and prose! This first volume includes 'Florida Man?' by Star Wars author Delilah Dawson with art by Elena Casagrande and Silvia Califano, and 'Hoot Goes There?' by multiple Bram Stoker Award winner Joe R. Lansdale and Keith Lansdale with art by Silvia Califano. Advance solicited for December release! 'The weirdness is ratcheted up to 11...Feels like a 'lost' episode of the TV series and fits perfectly in The X-Files world.'-Word of the Nerd

Catherine Nodet

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