Complete Junior & Sunny By Al Feldstein HC

(W/A/CA) Al Feldstein Long considered to be prime examples of late 1940s 'headlight' and 'Good Girl' art comics, issues of Junior and Sunny have been quite difficult to find and very expensive to obtain. Until now! Created, written, and illustrated by the legendary E.C. Comics artist/writer/editor Al Feldstein for the notorious Victor Fox of Fox Feature Publications, The Complete Junior and Sunny presents the full run of these comics, along with a historical introduction by Grant Geissman. Although the stories are basically charming, 'typical teenage' period pieces, Feldstein's artwork often pushes the envelope for the time, with titillating covers and often-suggestive images in the stories themselves. It's probably a good thing that Dr. Fredric Wertham never found out about Junior and Sunny! Seduction of the innocent, indeed!

Al Feldstein
Al Feldstein
Al Feldstein
Full Color
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