Rick and Morty TP Vol 1 the Space Shake Saga Part 1 (MR)

(W) Alex Firer (A) Fred C. Stresing, Marc Ellerby (CA) Fred C. Stresing The madcap world of Rick and Morty? relaunches with a brand-new volume perfect for new and old fans alike! What if Goldenfold, not Rick Sanchez, was the supreme intelligence in the universe? Rick, Morty, and all realities face the oppressive power of mathematics, and Rick may never get that ideal milkshake. In pursuit of mathematical perfection, in which endless adventures are possible, the Goldenfolds?and reluctant niece, Noelle?seek domination across the multiverse. Can love withstand family obligation, and who is that skeevy-looking tech bro trying to be Rick?s best friend? What?s his deal? Contains Rick and Morty #1 -6

Oni Press
Alex Firer
Fred C. Stresing
Full color

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