Flash (Rebirth) TP Vol 19 the One-Minute War

(W) Jeremy Adams (A) Various (CA) Taurin Clarke Art by Roger Cruz, Fernando Pasarin, George Kambadais, Wellington Dias, and others A lot can happen in a what happens when an entire armada of conquering speedster aliens shows up on Earth's doorstep? The most intense battle the Earth has ever waged--in the span of 60 seconds! And when the Flash Family find themselves on the edge of defeat, it will take some surprising allies to give the speedsters one last chance to change the outcome of the war once and for all! Plus, gain additional insights into invading aliens the Fraction in the One-Minute War Special...don't blink or you'll miss all the action! Collects THE FLASH #790-796 and THE FLASH: ONE-MINUTE WAR SPECIAL #1.

Jeremy Adams
Taurin Clarke
Full color

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