Fourth World Omnibus HC Vol 02

(W) Various (A) Various (CA) Jack Kirby Written by Jack Kirby, Paul Levitz, Gerry Conway, Steve Englehart, Steve Gerber, and others Art by Jack Kirby, Keith Giffen, Don Newton, Dan Adkins, Marshall Rogers, Jim Aparo, and others In the 1970s, legendary creator Jack the King Kirby revolutionized the comic book medium with a sweeping multi-series saga that encompassed impossible new worlds, iconic new characters, and sweeping new mythologies. He called it The Fourth World. For the first time ever, DC Comics proudly presents the stories that came after. The Fourth World Omnibus Vol. 2 collects the first 12 years of stories that followed Jack Kirby's epic, including the legendary Great Darkness Saga and Kirby's very own return to the Fourth World in Super Powers. Featuring MISTER MIRACLE #19-25; THE NEW GODS #12-19; ADVENTURE COMICS #459-460; THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #112, #128, and #138; DC COMICS PRESENTS #12; FIRST ISSUE SPECIAL #13; JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #183-185; LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #290-294; LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES ANNUAL #3; SECRET SOCIETY OF SUPER-VILLAINS #1-5; SUPER POWERS

Jack Kirby
Full color

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