Spook Comic #1

(A) John Giunta, Howie Post Two crooks rob a store, shoot a policeman and hide out in a cemetery to hide their stolen funds, when suddenly Mr. Lucifer appears, being freed by the crook's actions. Lucifer then frees his evil minions and together all go forth to commit dastardly deeds. By a quirk of fate, Lucifer and his followers trap themselves in a grave of cement. And taking inspiration from the 1920 silent horror film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, meet Paul Barer. Who visits a mental hospital and interviews a patient, who says he was turned into a 'living corpse' and used as a stage performer abducting celebrities who were then put into a trance and displayed in a wax museum! Reprints 1946's Spook Comics #1.

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John Giunta
Full Color
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