Godhead GN Vol 02

(W/A/CA) Ho Che Anderson The gritty, action-packed resolution to the futuristic corporate thriller. In this second and concluding volume of Ho Che Anderson's gritty, futuristic thriller series, Godhead 2 picks up from where part one left off with Racer Calhoun and the rest of Cadre Zeus finally learning why they've been assembled: to destroy Oceanus, the scientific facility traveling through the Pacific housing the God machine. They undertake what they hope will be a routine intelligence gathering mission on Oceanus which quickly turns into a desperate fight for survival through the city from which Racer had fled, and leads to a reunion with Carys, the great love of his life. Finally, the cadre are ready to confront Oceanus and put an end to the God machine once and for all. The story's finale upends the usual narrative expectations and concludes with a somber private epiphany that results in the triumph of human reason over a technocratic/supernatural savior. Part Boy's Own adventure genre, part men-on-a-mission yarn, and part thrilling showcase for badass women kicking ass and tak

Ho Che Anderson
Partial Color

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