Exo Legend of Wale Williams TP Vol 02

(W) Roye Okupe (A) Sunkanmi Akinboye (CA) Godwin Akpan What happens when you infuse the likenesses, ambitions, and desires of legendary warriors and conquerors with an advanced AI? Well, you get a psychotic android named AVON, who goes rogue and concocts a plan to 'reset' humanity! E.X.O. Volume 2 picks up right where it's award-winning Afrofuturist epic predecessor left off, as Wale Williams-aka tech-savvy superhero EXO-tries to save humanity! An Afrofuturist superhero story about redemption set in the bustling metropolis that is Lagos, Nigeria-with a creative team that's also from Lagos! This Dark Horse edition will collect the YouNeek Studios editions of the same material (YouNeek editions E.X.O. Volumes 3 and 4)

Dark Horse
Roye Okupe
Godwin Akpan
Full Color

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