Miraculous Tales Ladybug Cat Noir TP S2 Vol 12 Queens Battle

(W) Jeremy Zag & Various (A/CA) Cheryl Black Chloe's mother is humiliated at a fashion show and transforms into Style Queen. Later, to impress her mother, Chloe transforms into Queen Bee in front of everyone-but will her attempt to be a 'hero' wind up turning her into one of Hawk Moth's most powerful villains? Then, when Chloe considers leaving Paris, her father is akumatized into Malediktator, and he's willing to stop Chloe from leaving at any cost! It's up to Ladybug and Cat Noir to save Paris from the Bourgeois family! This special three-parter includes 'Style Queen,' 'Queen Wasp,' and 'Malediktator.'

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Jeremy Zag
Cheryl Black
Cheryl Black

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