Whisperer Double Novel Vol 07 Murder Brotherhood & Afraid To

(W) Laurence Donovan & Various (A) Paul Orban (CA) Tom Lovell, John Newton Howitt Sanctum Books completes its reprinting of the original 1936-37 pulp series by Lawrence Donovan writing as 'Clifford Goodrich' that inspired Batman's first supporting character! First, an ingeniously concealed map holds the answer Police Commissioner James Gordon needs to stop flower-festooned serial slayings in 'The Death Roses.' Then, The Whisperer invades China Hill to smash the weird 'Murder Brotherhood.' Finally, it's up to The Whisperer to discover why a philosophical Asian was 'Afraid to Die' in a novelette by Alan Hathway from the back pages of The Shadow Magazine! Plus, Norgil the Magician takes the stage in a magical mystery by The Shadow's Maxwell Grant, plus a classic Whisperer graphic story from the Golden Age of Comics!

Paul Orban
Tom Lovell
Black & White

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