Archer & Armstrong TP Vol 06 American Wasteland

(W) Fred Van Lente (A) Pere Perez (CA) Michael Walsh Living it up at the Hotel California! His whole life, Obadiah Archer has been lied to about his true heritage - but when he and his pal Armstrong arrive in L.A. to meet his real parents, they fi nd them in the clutches of the Church of Retrology! What insidious plans does The Lizard King, the head of the favored religion of the Left Coast's rich and famous, have for the Valiant Universe's premier conspiracy busters? And what lurks in the Hollywood Hotel? (Hint: You can check in anytime you like, but you can never leave!) Collecting ARCHER & ARMSTRONG #20-23, start reading here to discover the truth behind dead celebrities and the sacred mysteries at the heart of rock 'n' roll as New York Times best-selling writer Fred Van Lente and red-hot artist Pere P?rez unleash an all-new history mystery on Valiant's foremost conspiracysmashers!

Pere Perez
Michael Walsh
Full Color

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