Fantastic Four Epic Collection TP Vol 24 Atlantis Rising

(W) Tom DeFalco, Various (A) Paul Ryan, Various (CA) Paul Ryan A seismic crossover that literally reshaped the face of Marvel's Earth! The Fantastic Four reunite?and everything falls apart! As the Invisible Woman searches for her missing husband Mr. Fantastic, the scarred Thing seeks payback on Wolverine, and the wrath of a rogue Watcher leads the FF into war on a truly cosmic scale! Then, sorceress Morgan Le Fay forces the sunken continent of Atlantis back above the waves, causing a crisis for Namor and his water-breathing people! The FF race to their aid as Thor, the Inhumans and Franklin Richards' young team the Fantastic Force all become ensnared in Morgan's scheme. But when the sorceress' chilling endgame comes to light, can even the heroes' combined might save the day? COLLECTING: Fantastic Four (1961) 393-402, Fantastic Force (1994) 7-9, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising (1995) 1-2, Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising Collector's Preview (1995) 1 Rated T

Tom DeFalco
Paul Ryan
Paul Ryan
Full color

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