Incredible Hulk By Byrne and Casey Omnibus HC

(W) Various, Joe Casey (A) Javier Pulido, Various (CA) Ron Garney Writer Joe Casey takes the helm to deliver action-packed adventures as Bruce Banner seeks answers about Betty's recent death - while the Hulk battles the Super-Adaptoid, the Circus of Crime and more! Shocking truths are revealed just in time for a seismic clash with the Abomination alongside Thunderbolt Ross! Then, legendary creator John Byrne collaborates with blockbuster artist Ron Garney and more top-tier talent to take the Green Goliath on a frightening journey to the American heartland - and into his own troubled past! Featuring Iron Man and the Avengers, Wolverine, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Thanos, and the powerful mutant X-Man - as well as Greenskin's old sparring partner, the Thing! Plus: The classic savage Hulk rampages once again! Collecting INCREDIBLE HULK (1968) #468-474, HULK (1999) #1-11, HULK & SUB-MARINER ANNUAL '98, X-MAN & HULK ANNUAL '98, HULK ANNUAL '99 and RAMPAGING HULK (1998) #1-6. Rated T

Ron Garney
Full color

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