Garfield Full Course TP Vol 02

(W) Scott Nickel, Mark Evanier (A) Various The second Full Course collection, featuring even more of Garfield's best comic book escapades, sends the gang on some wacky adventures! Odie makes a new friend,, and Garfield faces his most fearsome foe, the Lasagna Monster-and Nermal sets a world record?! The good times continue to roll, as we see how the gang beats the heat and learn if Jon can finally stop being late. Meanwhile, Pet Force stops by for even more thrilling adventures! Along with Garfield creator Jim Davis, Mark Evanier, Scott Nickel, Gary Barker, Mike DeCarlo, Andy Hirsch, Mark & Stephanie Heike, and more bring home an extra serving of cattitude with the Fat Cat. Collects Garfield #9-16.

Scott Nickel
Full color

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