Trials of X TP Vol 05

(W) Si Spurrier, Various (A) Bob Quinn, Various (CA) Pepe Larraz Evolution and revelation in the Trials of X! The X-Men's greatest foe is back to menace Krakoa as Onslaught slithers in the minds of the island-nation's leaders! Meanwhile, the X-Men are no strangers to being targeted for their genes - but when the High Evolutionary returns with his twisted brand of unnatural selection, the survival of the entire planet is at stake! Excalibur's sense of duty is tested to its limits when Doctor Doom comes calling, seeking passage to Avalon! Plus: How does X-Corp meet nearly impossible quotas with maximum synergy and minimal bandwidth? They've got Dr. Jamie Madrox, the Multiple Man - and he's the world's best boss! Collecting X-MEN: THE ONSLAUGHT REVELATION, X-MEN (2021) #3, EXCALIBUR (2019) #23 and X-CORP #3-4.

Pepe Larraz

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