Heavy Vinyl TP Vol 02 Y2k-O

(W) Carly Usdin (A/CA) Nina Vakueva * It's 1999 and Chris is living her dream: working at Vinyl Destination by day and fighting for (musical) justice by night in the world's coolest teen girl vigilante fight club, and playing in a band during her free time. * When the girls enter a Battle of The Bands, they learn that the shadowy corporate masters of the music industry plan to destroy the fledgling world of digital music and blame it on Y2K. * The critically-acclaimed team of writer Carly Usdin (The Avant-Guards) and Russ Manning Award-nominated artist Nina Vakueva (League of Legends: Ashe) reunite for a follow-up to Heavy Vinyl: Riot on The Radio.

BOOM! Studios
Carly Usdin
Nina Vakueva
Nina Vakueva

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