Joe Hill the Cape Fallen HC

(W) Joe Hill, Jason Ciaramella (A) Zach Howard, Nelson Daniel (CA) Zach Howard If power corrupts, then surely with great power comes even greater corruption. Writer Jason Ciaramella and artist Zach Howard uncovers new folds in Hill's cautionary anti-superhero tale with a story that takes place between the scenes of the original series. Eric's already killed his ex-girlfriend and (spoiler alert) soon he'll go after his mom and brother. But first he'll go missing for three torturous days. What other atrocities will Eric commit? What violent secrets does the Cape still hide? There's no telling, but the answers to those questions will further underline The Cape's central theme-that no amount of power will make a bad person good. Advance solicited for March release! New York Times-bestselling author Joe Hill's darkest creation returns in an unsettling new tale!

Joe Hill
Zach Howard
Zach Howard

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