TMNT Bebop & Rocksteady Hit the Road TP (C: 0-1-2)

(W/A) Dustin Weaver, Ben Bates (CA) Cory Smith Everyone's favorite mutant warthog and rhino are on a road trip back to NYC, but can they make it before they become completely human again? As their journey across America begins, Bebop and Rocksteady run into a crazy old enemy that's bent on derailing their trip before it can even start. Plus, the duo is forced to do the unimaginable: get real jobs! Throw in appearances by time-traveling menace Savanti Romero, the Army, and ultimately a brand-new unbeatable foe that stands in their way, and you've got all the action you'd expect from a trip with these two! Advance solicited for February release! 'Weaver's art and the chaotic material make this issue feel like the miniseries has finally achieved its potential for destructive hijinks, which has been there from the start.'

Cory Smith

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