Prince In His Dark Days GN Vol 03 (MR)

(A/CA) Hiko Yamanaka Atsuko's family is impoverished, and her parents don't care about her. Her father is a drunk, and she's shunned by her classmates as 'the poor kid.' Walking the streets in a dark fog of despair, Atsuko can't imagine a brighter future and cons perverts out of their money to survive. Then, one day, she meets Itaru, the heir to a wealthy family, who happens to look exactly like her. Itaru hatches a plan: Atsuko will live his tedious public life for him, and she will get a taste of the luxuries enjoyed by the 1%. Everybody's (finally) happy. But is this really the brighter future she so recently found unthinkable?

Hiko Yamanaka
Black & White

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