Xena Warrior Princess Omnibus TP Vol 01

(W) John Layman, Keith Champagne (A) Fabiano Neves, Noah Salonga (CA) Stjepan Sejic Xena: Warrior Princess returns! Dynamite Entertainment proudly collects the swashbuckling Xena comic book adventures from 2006-2007, including the complete 'Contest of Pantheons' and 'Dark Xena' storylines written by bestselling writer John Layman (Chew), plus the special 'Strange Visitor' story from Xena Annual #1. Join Xena and her fan-favorite allies Gabrielle, Joxer, and Autolycus as they become embroiled in a feud reaching all the way up to the heavens, courtesy of the machinations of the ruthless Callisto! Also, Gabrielle makes a request of the Gods and learns a heartwrenching lesson about the care with which one must make a wish... leading to an unsettling change in Xena herself. Finally, the cast encounters a strange being from another world!

John Layman
Stjepan Sejic
Full Color

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