Almost Silent HC

A DELUXE, HARDCOVER COLLECTION OF FOUR JASON CLASSICS! Almost Silent packages four original Jason graphic novels - three of them out of print since mid-2008 - into one compact, hardcover omnibus collection. (As the title indicates, this volume favors Jason's pantomime works.) 'You Can't Get There From Here,' the longest story of the book (and the only one to be printed in color - well, a color), tells the tale of a love triangle involving Frankenstein, Frankenstein's Monster, and The Monster's Bride: Jason cleverly alternates between totally silent sequences involving the three characters and scenes in which Frankenstein's hunchbacked assistant discusses the day's events with a fellow hunchbacked assistant to another mad scientist. (You didn't know they had a union?) 'Tell Me Something' is a brisk (271 panels), near-totally-silent (just a few intertitles) graphic novelette about love lost and found again, told with a tricky mixture of forward- and back-flashing narrative. 'Meow, Baby' is a collection of Jason's short stories and gags, and finally, 'The Living and the Dead' is a hi

partial color

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