Braba A Brazilian Comics Anthology TP (MR)

American audiences have grown familiar with international comix through an influx of European bande dessinee and Japanese manga that has been translated into English over the past two decades. But there are vivacious creative scenes happening worldwide, notably in Brazil, the largest country in South America and fifth-largest country in the world. Braba aims to rectify this cultural blind spot with a single-volume showcase of innovative Brazilian comics, curated by acclaimed artist Rafael Gramp? and comics editor Janaina de Luna. Produced by Fantagraphics in collaboration with Brazilian publisher MINO, this extraordinary collection of 13 short stories created by 16 pioneering Brazilian cartoonists encapsulates a thriving and thrilling comics scene.Braba unites a diverse array of voices and styles under a unifying theme: deeply personal stories from experimental cartoonists. Each artist has uniquely interpreted this concept, creating all-new work for English readers, resulting in a collection that encapsulates the intensity, political gravitas, and avant-garde spirit of the Brazilian

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