Cerebus TP Vol 14 Form & Void Remastered Ed

(W/A) Dave Sim (CA) Dave Sim, Gerhard Aardvark-Vanaheim is proud to present the painstakingly and lovingly digitally remastered, long out-of-print 14th volume of the Cerebus series! Reprinted for the first time since 2007, fully-restored page-by-page from the original art boards and collecting issues #251-265, this volume continues Cerebus and Jaka's fateful journey to Sand Hills' Creek, as they encounter Dave Sim's latest 20th century literary appropriation: Ernest Hemingway! Includes the Africa Sequence, depicting the Hemingways' trip to Africa as recorded in Mary Hemingway's journal and Dave Sim's annotations 'To Ham & Ham Not'! Please note the price on this remastered edition is $70.

Dave Sim
Dave Sim
Dave Sim

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