King Conan Chronicles Epic Coll TP Phantoms Phoenixes

(W) Joshua Dysart, Various (A) Will Conrad, Various (CA) Attila Futaki Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown! Conan has won the throne of the kingdom of Aquilonia - and the hand of a beautiful bride. Is it time for the barbarian to lay down his sword? Don't count on it! Because when an evil sorcerer attacks, King Conan must strike back with all his might! Securing a crown is one thing, but holding on to it is a whole other challenge - especially with scheming conspirators in Conan's court! But the traitors may have chosen the wrong ally in Thoth-Amon! Plus: King Conan is haunted by the ghost of his first - and perhaps greatest - love! Collecting CONAN AND THE MIDNIGHT GOD #1-5, KING CONAN: THE SCARLET CITADEL #1-4, KING CONAN: THE PHOENIX ON THE SWORD #1-4, CONAN: THE PHANTOMS OF THE BLACK COAST #1-5 and material from AGE OF CONAN: HYBORIAN ADVENTURES. Parental Advisory

Will Conrad
Attila Futaki
Full Color
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