Atomic Empire HC (C: 0-1-2)

(W) Thierry Smolderen (A/CA) Alexandre Clerisse An astonishing and captivating original graphic novel by Thierry Smolderen and Alexandre Cl?risse. Inspired by a real psychological case, Atomic Empire is both a psychiatric enigma and a space opera. 1953: The world has entered the age of the Atom, but one man wonders what it means for civilization. His name is Paul-a sci-fi writer who, since childhood, has been in telepathic contact with a hero from the distant future. But when a well-known Pentagon consultant begins to take an interest in him, 'the man who communicates with the future' will commit an unforgivable sin and break an oath to his friend Zarth Arn, hero of the Galactic Empire. Smolderen and Cl?risse deliver a beautiful and contemporary tale, immersed in the fluid and aerodynamic imagery of 1950s sci-fi.

Alexandre Clerisse

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