Pigs Might Fly HC GN

(W) Nick Abadzis (A/CA) Jerel Dye Magic and science clash in a world where highly evolved pigs fight their mortal enemies, the warthogs, for dominion of the skies! On the grand sweep of the Pigdom Plains lives a small pig called Lily, the daughter of renowned inventor, Hercules Fatchops. Hercules' personal holy grail is to invent powered aircraft, a feat already achieved in secret by Lily. Hercules prizes only science, but Lily's innovations employ science and magic. She will need both, because now the Pigdom faces invasion from terrifying adversaries with more advanced aircraft-from over the mountains come the warthogs, intent on destroying the Pigdom. Following the success of his smash hit graphic novel Laika, Nick Abadzis returns to First Second with his latest epic: Pigs Might Fly!

:01 First Second
Nick Abadzis
Jerel Dye
Jerel Dye

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