Science of Attack On Titan Mmpb

(W) Rikao Yanagita (A/CA) Hajime Isayama The (brazenly made-up) science of Titanworld! Tokyo University dropout Rikao Yanagita, head of the SciFi/Fantasy Science Research Institute and author of dozens of bestselling books on the science of scifi, manga, and anime, tackles the mysteries of Attack on Titan! Why do Titans come from the south? Is the maneuvering gear dangerous? How were the walls built? This book of 'fantasy science' answers all the questions it would never occur to anyone to ask about Attack on Titan, such as: What do Titans have in common with bears? How many humans per day should a Titan eat to stay healthy and svelte? Why don't Titans have, you know, wieners?

Hajime Isayama

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