Thor Epic Collect TP Lost Gods

Thor is gone! Asgard has been destroyed! Its gods are scattered across the Earth, living mortal lives with no memory of their past selves. Can Sif, Balder, Ulik the Troll, the Warriors Three, the Enchantress and the other Lost Gods discover the truth about themselves in time to stop the world-destroying plot of Seth, the Egyptian god of death? Plus: Brunnhilde the Valkyrie is a legend reborn - but is destined to face the deepest depths of D'Spayre! And stripped of his immortal powers and grieving for his lost allies Thor and the Avengers, Hercules struggles to find his place in the mortal world. But when Ares, god of war, plots to plunge Earth into the Dark Ages once more, the Prince of Power is drawn back into the fray! Collecting JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (1996) #503-513 and #-1, VALKYRIE (1997) #1, HERCULES AND THE HEART OF CHAOS (1997) #1-3. Rated T

Tom DeFalco
Mike Deodato
Full color

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