Jonna and the Unpossible Monsters TP Vol 03

(W) Laura Samnee (A/CA) Chris Samnee Sisters Rainbow and Jonna are reeling after the events of the last volume. In the final arc of our incredible tale, we learn the origins of the strange creatures that have invaded the planet, draining it of resources?as well as that of fellow adventurers Gor and Nomi. What are the strange blooms underground, and how are they connected to the giant egg at the center of the vines?? Who (or what) is behind all of this, and what does it want with their missing father? Why is everything so goopy? The two sisters have come so very far in their search for their father, only to be met with lots of questions?and, as always, giant monsters!? ? With the fate of their family and possibly the whole world at stake, can Jonna and Rainbow rescue their dad, battle countless monsters, and tell each other how they really feel? ? The all ages hit comic by co-writer/artist Chris Samnee (Black Widow), co-writer Laura Samnee, colorist Matthew Wilson (Eternals), and letterer Crank! comes to an epic and heartwarming conclusion.

Oni Press
Laura Samnee
Chris Samnee
Chris Samnee
Full Color

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