Worlds of Borderlands HC (C: 0-1-2)

(W) Rick Barba Explore a universe run amok with savage beasts, bloodthirsty bandits, and the biggest bad of all-corporations, in this full-color hardcover encyclopedia of Gearbox's beloved videogame franchise! The universe of Borderlands is an inhospitable wilderness that spans every biome conceivable. It's also a land full of opportunity, but only if you have wits, skill, and guns. Lots of guns. Many come to Pandora in search of the Vault in the hopes of finding wealth, fame, or power. This is the definitive guide to the bold people who live there and in the surrounding galaxy, the mercenaries, monsters, and wilds they contend with, and the ridiculous arsenal they employ. Dark Horse Books and Gearbox present a bombastic guide to Pandora, its surrounding planets and the characters who live there.

Dark Horse
Rick Barba
Full color

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