Secrets of Camp Whatever TP Vol 02 Doors to Nowhere

(W/A/CA) Chris Grine When twelve-year-old Willow went to her weird new town's even weirder summer camp, she didn't expect to get caught?up in an ancient mystery involving forest-dwelling vampires, living garden gnomes, and other completely bonkers creatures most people would never believe exist. Now she's not only involved, she's marked?too close to the heart of an ages-old quest for power and control than she should be, and too concerned about her new friends and the dangers they face to let them go it alone. With the help of a spell book and her scrappy crew of camp friends, Willow is about to step through a doorway to magic and discovery that will change her world forever.?

Oni Press
Chris Grine
Chris Grine
Chris Grine
Full Color

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