Conan the Barbarian Orig Marvel Yrs Omnibus HC Vol 06 Siqueira C

(W) Michael Fleisher, More (A) John Buscema, More (CA) Paulo Siqueira In an omnibus extravaganza that covers the entire run of writer Michael Fleisher's two years on CONAN THE BARBARIAN, artist John Buscema turns in page after page of iconic artwork - often inked by the great Ernie Chan and by Big John himself! Buscema also takes a turn as plotter, helping bring to life a series of exciting stories featuring Conan opposite some of his most mysterious foes and an old friend: the scheming Jergal Zadh, the magic-wielding Alhambra, the conniving Baron Vjerzak and Conan's old comrade Fafnir! Plus: Two mighty annuals - one pitting Conan against an ancient mystical menace and the other against a god - and a classic issue of WHAT IF? that asks the question: What if Conan were stranded in the twentieth century? Collecting CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1970) #150-171, CONAN ANNUAL #8-9 and WHAT IF? (1977) #43. Rated T+

John Buscema
Paulo Siqueira
Full Color

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