Science of Surfing Surfside Girls Guide to the Ocean Sc

(W/A/CA) Kim Dwinell The ocean is packed with plants, animals, water? and science! Ride the waves of knowledge with Sam and Jade as they explain all about the amazing wonders of the sea, and have a blast doing it. Have you ever wondered why the ocean has waves? Why does the tide goes in and out? And how can coral be alive when it looks like a rock? From the pages of the beloved graphic novel series, join the Surfside Girls, Sam and Jade, for a great investigation into everything that makes the ocean so cool: from moon cycles and king tides, to why a wave breaks, to otters in kelp forests? with plenty of fun and jokes along the way. Plus, there's a whole step-by-step chapter on how to surf! The Science of Surfing is the coolest way to take a beach vacation and learn at the same time.

Kim Dwinell
Kim Dwinell
Kim Dwinell
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