Dimension W GN Vol 02

(W/A/CA) Yuji Iwahara Phantom Thief Loser, true to his words of warning, makes an explosive entrance at the art museum to steal the Angels of Black and White Wings statue! 'Collector' Kyouma Mabuchi, now teamed up with the android Mira to recover illegal coils, faces off with the masked thief in the midst of the museum's heavy security. But it just so happens that Loser recognizes Kyouma - and, what's more, he seems to know all about the Collector's dark past. What other secrets lie hidden in the statue he seeks? A progressive sci-fi tale woven together by the new Dimension W and coils!

Yen Press
Yuji Iwahara
Yuji Iwahara
Yuji Iwahara
Black & White

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