Seraphic Feather TP Vol 04 Dark Angel (MR)

A buried alien starship on the dark side of the moon is ready to give up its secrets, and those who want to harness its incredible power draw in an ever-tightening circle of deception and death. The key players: young paranormal Sunao Oumi, an unwilling participant in this madness; M-ZAK, a beautiful and deadly U.N. super-agent; Kei Heidemann, Sunao's long-lost-and assumed long-dead - love; and Apep Heidemann, Kei's brother, a mysterious scientist with access to the otherworldly technology and in apparent contact with the aliens themselves and their death-dealing sentinels, who dispatch an armed-to-the-teeth elite U.N strike team like so many toy soldiers. And Apep himself may have unlocked more than mere secrets-he may have transformed into something more-much more -than human!

Dark Horse
Yo Morimoto
Yo Morimoto
Black & White

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