Genevieve Castree Complete Works 1981-2016 HC (MR)

(W/A/CA) Genevieve Castree From rarely- or never-seen illustrations and comics, to album covers and photographs, to studio scraps, Genevi?ve Castr?e: Complete Works 1981-2016 is a breathtaking collection of Castr?e's work and soul. Those familiar with Castr?e's seminal memoir about her childhood, Susceptible (included fully within), will know that she, to a large degree, raised herself. It was in those unattended, semi-feral childhood years that Genevi?ve used art to pull herself out of what could have otherwise been a bleak existence. Instead, she found beauty and depth around her and blended it gorgeously with the harsh, devastating realities of this world. With an introduction from Castr?e's widower Phil Elverum. Translations by Elverum and Aleshia Jensen.

Genevieve Castree
Full Color

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