Ditko Shrugged Uncompromising Life of the Artist

(W) David Currie The First In-Depth Biography of Comic Legend Steve Ditko Endorsed by the Ditko Family The first in depth biography of comics-legend Steve Ditko, in his own works - taken from years of correspondence with author David Currie and endorsed by the Ditko family with a Foreword by Mark S. Ditko. In his Foreward Mark S. Ditko writes: I'm very happy to say that this is a really great book. David, and his correspondence with my uncle and others, uncovered and documented things that would otherwise have been left unknown or subject to complete speculation ?if ever even considered. Note that my role in the review of this book was mainly about my uncle's personal life as we know it and not necessarily his professional career. But David clearly has a good grasp on that aspect of him. Steve Ditko was the last of a generation of American comic book artists who created powerful modern-day mythology and became among the most influential and original creators of the 20th century. He co-created Spider-Man along with Stan Lee, but walked away from the character in the 1960s just as it

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