Cash & Carrie TP Vol 02 Summer Sleuths

(W) Shawn Pryor, Giulie Speziani (A) Marcus Kwame Anderson, Tressina Bowling (CA) Caroline Frumento Cash & Carrie return in all-new adventures! It's all fun and games at Summer Camp Sobol until strange things start happening. Campers go missing, Bigfoot might exist, and does anyone know what's really in the coleslaw? With no Wi-Fi and the mosquito repellent not cutting it, our detective duo will have to stick together to solve these mysteries on their own. Will Cash & Carrie survive this spooky summer camp of supreme superstition? And who will win the Camp Sobol Summer Games? You'll have to read Summer Sleuths to find out!

Action Lab
Shawn Pryor
Caroline Frumento

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