Star Blazers TP Vol 02 Space Battleship Yamato 2199

(W/A) Michio Murakawa (CA) Junichiro Tamamori Dessler, supreme leader of the Gamilas, steps onto the stage to rally his people, even as the Yamato departs on its desperate voyage to Iscandar. Soon the ship will be out of real-time contact with Earth, and the crew transmits messages homeward to their families-and unless they return, these will be the last. Making a final stop at Pluto before interstellar space, Captain Okita finds that the Gamilas still consider it planet enough to have placed an advance base there . . . for Earth's invasion! Vol. 2 contains interview with screenwriter Yutaka Izubuchi and 13 pages of mecha diagrams!

Dark Horse
Junichiro Tamamori

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