Frank Thorne Ghita Erotic Treasury Archival Ltd Sgn Ed Vol 0

(W/A/CA) Frank Thorne This huge art book presents the complete original artwork, in an archival format, of all of Frank Thorne's signature creations: Ghita, in her first full length adventure. This definitive first volume is 15 x 22 inches and is being printing on special archival paper that simulates the original Bristol board used by Thorne in the creation of this popular culture masterpiece. In 1978, fresh off his run on Red Sonja, Frank Thorne went on to create the lusty warrior-goddess, Ghita. Imbued with the spirit of a mighty general, she would lead a rag-tag band against bloodthirsty armies, and along the way get in some tumbumping. This initial volume showcases some of Frank's earliest art of Ghita including her first appearance in the erotic epic 'Ghita of Alizarr,' early character designs, unproduced movie storyboards, the Wizard and Warrior Women portfolio, pin-ups and covers. This oversized edition, measuring 15' x 22', presents Frank's artwork full size, as originally drawn. The artwork has been scanned from the original pages in color to ensure the closest r

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Frank Thorne
Frank Thorne
Frank Thorne
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