Gou Dere Sora Nagihara GN Vol 04 (MR)

(W/A/CA) Suu Minazuki Two-dimensional love becomes reality when Sora Nagihara leaps from the manga pages into Shouta Yamakawa's life in this hilarious, raunchy, fantasy romp! Yup, yet again, Sora Nagihara relentlessly lets fly a myriad of 'secret techniques' every which way! Could it be? Are all the girls in Shouta's life, including Sora, falling for him head over heels? And what about the latest addition, the pretty class nerd? Will Shouta find a way to save this diligent damsel in distress? Sure, Sora's brash and cute, but who knew she could be this charming?

Yen Press
Suu Minazuki
Suu Minazuki
Suu Minazuki
Black & White

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